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Friday, September 7, 2007

The Shaved Muppet

What did you think of the debate? Did you watch? Did you like our webcast?

If you any ideas, please send them to for our future endeavors.

Here was my ABSOLUTE favorite comment by one of the blogosphere’s best – Stephen Green over at Green was drunkblogging for Pajamas Media…

6:49pm First martini down. Going to run upstairs to pour a second one before things get started. Seasoned political pros claim that Steve has already watched too many debates.

6:51pm FNC found some kid wearing a tie in the spin room, and handed him a microphone. He’s doing everything but spittakes to seem Daily Show-worthy. Is this what it’s come to already?

6:54pm The kid’s name is, apparently, “Griff.” I’m pretty sure he’s a shaved Muppet.

I later contacted Green and thanked him for the compliment – because for a guy in his late 30s with two kids, you have a heightened appreciation for comments like “kid” and “shaved muppet.”

(Note: Please DO NOT write me in search of the Fountain of Youth. I am not at liberty to reveal its location.)