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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pants Suit UPDATE

So there's an update in the Great American Pants Nightmare... DC Superior Court Judge Judy Bartnoff denied Judge Roy Pearson's "Motion for Reconsideration" yesterday afternoon. Basically, I imagine she thought about it for a millisecond, and then promptly punted it out of her courtroom.

But as the Chung's Defense Attorney Chris Manning told me yesterday, I imagine the appeal is still forthcoming.

“Once again, and to no one’s surprise, justice has prevailed. Judge Bartnoff has reiterated her well-reasoned ruling in favor of the Chungs. Mr. Pearson should do himself and everyone else a favor and end this ridiculous lawsuit now. Unfortunately, however, I have no doubt that he will appeal and continue this unfortunate ordeal for the Chungs.”

We are also now awaiting Judge Bartnoff to rule on Manning's "Motion for Attorney Fees" which would require Pearson to shell out more than $82,000.

A July 24th fundraiser is being held to help alleviate the Chung's legal woes. For more information, go to