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Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Honk or Not to Honk?

I was long overdue for taking my truck in for service and so this morning I made a command decision to end the procrastination.

In addition to the usual servicing and oil change, I have to decide whether or not I should have my HORN fixed? (It has been disconnected for the last six months)

Thanks to an overachieving taxi driver in the Nation's Capital who decided to actually attempt to STOP in the middle of an intersection to pick up a fare, the end result for me was a minor fender scratch and a car horn that began to fire at random - causing several very embarassing (yet humorous) moments for me.

But here's the deal - I think since I have been driving around unable to honk at people, I believe I have become a kinder, gentler driver. I still get mad at the traffic and blurt out occasional expletives when I get cut off, but I swear I'm much more mature at "ten and two" knowing that I can't honk that horn.

The horn is the only weapon we have on the road. Of course, some would argue we have middle fingers too but that's a dangerous option in this day and age... so by taking away that weapon, I guess it offers perspective: perhaps we shouldn't honk at each other in the first place?

I imagine that the horn was originally intended as a "safety feature" to warn others... NOT as a form of audio commentary on your fellow motorists' driving skills.

Maybe cars shouldn't have horns anymore?

Although... I must confess: I miss honking at people!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tea Parties Are Hard Work

Okay, so I'll just admit it. I'm a workaholic. I like to play hard too (think surfing!) but I am guilty of going on extended assignments for work when the opportunity arises because I love what I do... but it's been a few weeks since I was home last.

Thus today, I really wanted a day to myself with Scooter - so Principal Jenkins called school off.

It was cold and rainy here... so we went to the Build-A-Bear store and created "Fluffy" the stuffed Groundhog. We brought "Fluffy" home and started having a very elaborate Tea Party for all of her bears - of which there are MANY!

She worked the kitchen in Scooter's Tea Room and I, the waiter. We hustled to take orders and find things to use for plates and cups... and when all the bears had been served, this weary waiter took a five-minute break right there on the floor - and actually fell asleep!

After several unsuccessful attempts to lull me out of the fog, Scooter determined, "You SURE MUST BE EXHAUSTED from just a teensie bit of work," she said (while exacting with her forefinger and thumb the actual amount "teensie" meant).

The things kids say... Priceless!

Oh, and there was one other thing she told me today in the car on the way home from the store. She doesn't think she'll decide to get her driver's license. She says it's ONLY ten years away and she's afraid she won't have time to study for the test.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Red Eye Bonanza!

So I just finished a very exciting week last Tues thru Fri guest-hosting the late-nite program "Red Eye" in place of the Great Greg Gutfeld who was overseas promoting his new book, "Lessons from the Land of Pork Scratchings!"

(THANK YOU to Greg, Andy, Bill, Ben, Todd, Tom, Lindsay, Michaela... and last but certainly not least BA Josh!!)

We had a fantastic week and even introduced my 6-year old daughter on the show as "The Junior Correspondent!"

So go check out Scooter's debut at!!

She's a STAR!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hippo Sweat

Did you know... that Hippo Sweat is a natural SUNSCREEN?

Japanese scientists say that when a Hippo sweats, it produces a reddish-orange substance that blocks the sun's harmful UV rays and even fights disease-causing microbes. Zookeepers at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo collected sweat samples on gauze pads for the study which determined that the substance protected the animal from sunburn, skin cancer and even infection from gashes and wounds.

And now you are sitting there wondering HOW it is that I have come by this revolutionary scientific discovery?

I read about it at

And in full disclosure, my favorite animal is the Hippo. It's a long story, but growing up in our family, everyone got an animal and mine was the Hippo. Which is why my keychain is a sterling silver Hippo from Tiffanys!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Misery Loves Company

Okay... So I have been a RUDE host - barely writing here lately! I am
actually mad at myself for it too!

But suffice it to say, I just finished about 17 days on the road - and
there's no slowing down in sight!

But in all things, there is a lesson. For instance, I have been sitting
on a tarmac in Washington for 3hrs waiting endlessly to takeoff. Our
plane's been de-iced like 3 times and even the Captain has gone into
radio silence for lack of any positive news to report!

Yet I am fortunate enough to be sitting next to my friend, Judge
Napolitano, passing the time chatting away about all manner of things!
So it could be worse... It could always be worse!

The lesson: be thankful for your friends and never forget about them...
You might get stuck on a tarmac and need them!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bud to the RESCUE in NH

So I discovered that I now have the ability to post tiny camera video to this blog... WOW - are we ever living in the technological age or what?! Yet, technology is not immune from glitches - and here's our man in the tech center here in NH 'splaining to me why one of our video lines ("fiber") went DOWN!

Check it out...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Charisma Factor

Perhaps we as a voters are afraid to admit the truth: charisma matters.

I got to meet former President Bill Clinton (thanks to Greta!) and everything that you have read about his genuine charm is true.

There I was in the lobby of the Hotel Fort Des Moines in front of a gaggle of about 50 media folks having a 10-minute personal conversation with the former Commander in Chief talking about - of all things - his cowboys boots (Justin Lizard skin with a tear in the right foot).

I ran into my new pal Bill TWO more times - and on the third, he recalled my name. That's impressive.

What is also impressive is listening to Obama stump. His speeches are characterized by a feeling of electricity and excitement in the crowd and his delivery seems to feed on the personal connections he is making with his overly enthusiatic audiences.

As a matter of pure personal observation, I must say that the same cannot be said of Hillary events. In two recent events, the room seemed to flattened a few minutes after her all-star husband introduced her. I recall watching this happen years ago at Coretta Scott King's funeral - and I recall thinking, she will have a real problem if this continues when she runs for high office.

It also makes me wonder: would we be in this Obama revolution if she had more of her husband's personality?

I'm sure we'll never know, although in fairness, Clinton staffers almost universally say she is as warm and charming behind the scenes as ever (hello, Al Gore?!).

Yet one thing is undeniable: charisma is playing a role in determining who our next president will be in 2008.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's COLD in Iowa

I am out in Iowa with Greta Van Susteren and it's cold here. And I don't mean it's chilly cold or bbbrrrrrrr cold - it's FREEZING out here!! In fact, I think the high might have been 1 degree.

But if you have to go on a frozen assignment, going with the Greta Girls (Greta, Meade, Cory and Debbie)is THE way to roll - because they are very cool and downright FUN!!

We started the day roaming a bizarre labrynth of a "Skywalk" system that connects all of downtown Des Moines.

Why the skywalk, you ask? Because if people had to walk outside during the winters here, they'd FREEZE TO DEATH. You startin' to get what I'm sayin' here?!

We went to a bowling alley this afternoon to check in with the real folks and had a great time talkin' caucuses - and bowling! (Greta claims some sort of Bowling Championship Title from years ago - although I haven't seen her form yet!)

And I've talked to a lot of great Iowans who were for the most part - STILL UNDECIDED.

So if you want on the Fun Wagon with us - go to - and watch all the great behind the scenes videos of being on the road with the Greta Girls!